Grilled Lime Chicken

Last week I found a new recipe on pinterest and I have been wanting to post it on my blog ever since we tried it. I revised it to our liking because it was originally a salmon recipe and we aren’t big fish eaters. I will link the original recipe also for anyone who wants to try it! We did grill lime chicken with mango avocado salsa and coconut rice.

I used 4 thin sliced chicken breast and I soaked them in lime juice and a little bit of hickory liquid smoke for about 3 hrs.  Then on the grill they went.

Next was the mango avo salsa. It called for peppers and red onion but I didn’t want the peppers and honestly forgot about the onion. So i just did 1 whole mango diced and 2 avocados diced, added about 3 tbsp of lime juice and a bunch of chopped fresh cilantro.

Last was the coconut rice. Recipe called for jasmine rice but I am all about quick and easy and I didn’t want to buy a bag of rice and only use it one so i used my favorite 5 minute rice and it worked just grand.  You use coconut water and coconut milk instead of water to boil your rice in.  However much rice you want to cook for you recipe just use half coconut water and half coconut milk instead of regular water. Easy and done.

The meal was a big hit with my husband and I love it as well. I was a little disappointed in the rice. It didn’t have much coconut flavor like I was expecting but I think next time I will only use coconut milk and see if that changes it. Coconut water is gross to me and really doesn’t have a coconut favor so i think that was what cut away from the rice not being very coconut-y.

This was a super easy and very tasty and I will be cooking it again in the future.

Here is the link to the recipe I bummed off of –   Grilled Lime Salmon


I put my tree up.

That’s right. My Christmas tree is up. It’s not decorated yet but it is up. And I am thrilled. It seems though that a lot of people are not so thrilled. That’s totally fine. I get it. And trust me I am very aware it’s not Thanksgiving yet. But let me explain something to everyone who is being judgy. Last year my family did not even have Christmas or a tree. No presents, no family dinner, nothing. Why? Well, we were a little busy getting prepared for my husband to deploy and Me and my son to move to Georgia to be with family since I was pregnant. We left the week of Christmas to fly to the states. So this year we are a little excited to be together as a family and actually get to celebrate the holiday. We are together, have a new house, and new memories to make.

I woke up this morning with several comments/messages saying wow its too early or it’s not even Thanksgiving. And it definitely got to me. People are so quick to judge and hand out their opinion when its non of their business! We aren’t hurting anyone and we are still going to celebrate Thanksgiving. We have a lot to be thankful for this year and look forward to spending as many holidays as we can together. This is the season of love and thankfulness. We all need to remember the sacrifices some make and learn to have a little grace and love in our words.

Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas!

From a baby to a little man

I cannot believe in just a matter of days my first baby will be 3. I remember the day I had him just like it happened yesterday. I remember every detail and the first time I got to hold him in my arms. He was my first little bundle joy. Now a days he isn’t so much a little bundle or a joy 😆

My husband says that he has my personality and temperament. It’s probably true. We are both quick to get frustrated and it’s probably why we butt heads all day long. Asher is a handful but he can be the most loving and sweet little boy. He is always hugging and kissing and saying I love you mommy/daddy. He is learning new words and phrases everyday. Right now he is extremely into dinosaurs or as he likes to call them, monsters! Roaaar! His favorite movies are the land before time movies and thank goodness Netflix has a ton of them. He can count to three and we are slowly working on him learning how to say his name. He hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it yet and if we ask him what his name is he still doesn’t know. But one day! He starts speech on the 14th and I just know he is going to do great and learn so much. Now if I can just get him to stop pooping in the yard!! I literally want to punch every mom who says they potty trained in a week or 2 weeks. We’re working on over a month here and Asher still can’t leave the house without a pull up or go a whole day without at least 3 accidents. I’ve pretty much put a halt on everything and just going with the flow until I can tell he is a little more interested. Cause having a little baby and dealing with potty accidents all day is not fun!

Speaking of the little baby, Asher absolutely adores his little brother. If Greyson cries, Asher is the first to let me know about it. He gives him kisses all the time and is always trying to pick him up. I hope they stay close forever. I love watching his sweet little heart love on his brother.

Asher’s #1 BFF is our dog Roxy. I’m pretty sure he loves her more than me and daddy. haha they are 2 peas in a pod and we couldn’t have picked a better dog to be a part of our family. She loves Asher just as much as he loves her. She is also extremely tolerant of his roughness. Thank goodness.

3 years of life with my sweet Asher. I look forward to seeing the person he becomes. He has such a great heart and I know he is going to do awesome things and surprise us all the time. I have to remember the toddler years are just a season of life and to enjoy this precious time with him. I know soon he will be a teenager and want nothing to do with mom! So I’ll be sure to hug him and kiss him a little bit more while I still can😍

Working on myself

Since I became a mom I have always felt like my goals for life needed to be put on the back burner so my kids could be taken care of first. Recently I realized that I could still work on myself and my goals while still being a great mom. Moms are always told to be selfless so we are quick to feel guilty if we ever think of putting ourselves first. I have made a commitment to myself that I will no longer feel guilty for thinking of what I want.

I have several things I am looking into pursuing in the coming year. I see 2018 being a huge change for my life. I want to pursue getting my degree and I’m currently looking into associates of arts in creative writing or something in that area. I forgot how annoying getting started with school can be. I started the process yesterday by looking into online schools. I talked today with an advisor and got a ton of information. I am extremely excited for this y’all have no idea. I have always hated the idea of going back to school but this field of study I think will be a lot of fun and very beneficial to me.

Another thing I am looking at is joining the Air Force. Everyone pick your jaw up. I’m sure that just blew several minds. Trust me, I have gotten every reaction possible just in the very few people I have told. But ya know what? It’s just something I am thinking about. It’s not set in stone. Another thing, it’s my life and the decision is really only between me and my husband. We have to figure out what is best for our family and what route we want to go down. It is not a decision I will make lightly. I have talked with 2 recruiters and I have been told that since I was on antidepressants for the past few years that I will have to submit all my mental health history and I will have to be off medication and stable for 12 months before they will accept me. I also have to have an evaluation done proving I am mentally capable without meds. I already stopped my medication so I am headed in the right direction. Like I said, it is a huge decision and it hasn’t been made yet.

All of these goals I see as bettering myself. Showing my kids that mommy got an education and they can too. I know one day my kids will grow up and leave and I don’t want to have nothing to do when they are gone. I was not made to be a stay at home mom. I used to feel very guilty for saying that but I don’t anymore!

The things I can do with my life are endless, and I see everything as an open opportunity. If you’re stay at home mom and you have ever thought about doing something but immediately felt guilty about it because of your children, stop. Stop that way of thinking immediately. We are in 2017 for crying out loud. You can literally do anything. The possibilities are endless.

“Be fearless in then pursuit of what sets your soul on fire – Jennifer Lee”

Tired As a Mother.

Well today was it. My breaking point for the week. I made it all the way to Friday and I thought for sure we could get through the day without screaming and yelling and lots of timeouts and spankings but nope…  my day consisted of a lot of those previously mentioned things. But, it is bedtime and both the kids are asleep and I got all the house work finished and I am finally sitting on my bum with a glass of wine in hand! SUCCESS!!!

 I read a little devotional on the internet that was written by another blogger who is also a mother. I have slacked off majorly when it comes to anything religious. So i was a little surprised that a devotional was what I turned to when I was at my breaking point. I literally googled “devotions for tired moms” haha.I know we all have these days and we all get bogged down with everything we have to do and throwing in kids and babies just adds on to the stress level. But we still have to take the time out of the day for ourselves. You cannot pour from an empty cup and that is basically the jist of what the devotional I read was about.  We as moms are the first to feel guilty for taking time to ourselves. Why is that?? Our role as a mom is not life or death. Our kids and family can go on if we sit down and breathe. I mean every one else is doing it so why are we cutting ourselves short to make sure the dishwasher is unloaded?  Mamas, we have got to stop and take the time to renew our spirit or we will burn out very quickly. 

In the blog I read she quoted this bible verse, Isaiah 40:29&31-He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak; but those who hope in the Lord, he will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.  

So, if you’re a tired mama like me, take the time to renew your spirit. Whether it be in the scripture if you are religious or just do something that is all about you. It was very uplifting to read the post of a fellow christian mom who had grown weary. It happens to us all. But Christ has a promise that he will give us strength. 

Caffeine & Internet

I’m sitting at the kitchen table, drinking my 3rd cup of coffee while I’m listening to Asher run around and play. We are supposed to get our internet fixed today and the repair guy gave me an “all day” time window. Yay me! I didn’t have any plans for today anyways except try to organize a little better. Moving is rough. We un-packed fairly quickly but remembering where we put everything is another story. I feel it will take us a few months to really get a grove of where everything is. Back to the internet- Im waiting on suddenlink to come burry and replace our fiber cable because our wonderful dog decided to chew it in half since they did not bury the cable last time they were here. So we have been without internet for almost a week and it has been a real struggle. First world problems lol We don’t have cable so it is really our only source of watching any kind of television. So, we have yet to see the new episode of the walking dead! *GASP*   My mom is coming in 2 weeks for Asher’s 3rd birthday! I am super excited. We don’t really know anyone here that has kids so its just gonna be family this year. Probably going to go bowling or to chucky cheese so he can have some fun.  He got a trampoline from us as an early present and he has already ripped all the foam off the netting supports… Yall, Asher is my stubborn, strong willed child. I hope I acquire some patience eventually because I currently have none!  I still can’t believe he is about to be 3! He is growing up so fast and I am so blessed to be his Mom. There are days where I am not so thankful but he really is an amazing kid and I love him dearly. He goes to the West Texas Rehab at the end of November for a speech evaluation. We still think his speech needs some work so hopefully he gets therapy again. It always helps him so much. As soon as the next registration for sports start we are going to sign him up for soccer and probably gymnastics. I think he will love those activities.
This week I am trying a few new recipes for dinner and if we find one we absolutely love i will be posting a blog on it. We are trying to do low carb dinners and man it is so hard. I am the biggest carbie ever. I could live off pasta and bread 🙂  If anyone has any good meat/veggie recipes please drop them in the comments or message me on fb with them. My biggest struggle is meal planning. I can have a house full of ingredients but turning them into something is not my strong suit.  I want to start my own cookbook of all the recipes my family loves. When I was home with my mom for 6 months we did a lot of hello fresh meals and they were amazing. I definitely want to incorporate some of their recipes into my cookbook.
Well I have written a bunch of nothing today. We will just call this my caffeine post!! haha gotta channel my energy somehow!

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First Post!!!

Well here it is! My first blog post. If you’re reading this then bare with me because I am not the best at grammar or writing. But I am so excited to start this blog! Guys, if you know me well then you know I absolutely love to talk. So i figured why not start this and give readers an every day look into my life. Yes, I am a mom, but this blog will not just be for mommy posts. There will probably be quite a few but i mainly want this to be about my day to day life, my ups and downs, things i am trying to aspire to do and just my random babblings. Im sure that is not a real word but whatever. A little about myself. I am 25 years old, i was homeschooled and then went on to college to learn cosmetology. I have wanted to do hair since i was 4 years old. After i finished hair school i met my future husband, and in 5 months of meeting we were married. Crazy right? Let me add to the crazy. He is air force and 2 weeks after marriage we got orders to move to ITALY! Yall, my world was shook to say the least. I am a true home grown southern girl and while most people dream of going to Italy and traveling all I could do was cry. WE had our first beautiful baby boy in Italy. His name is Asher and he is a wild one. At the end of our 4 year tour in Italy, we got pregnant again and then my husband was deployed. I moved in with my parents in Georgia to be with family and In July I gave birth to my second son. Greyson is my sweet little ball of pure happiness and joy. He is such a good baby and he makes me want all the babies in the world until i look at my 3 year old lol In September we moved to Texas to start our new air force journey. WE bought a house and we are calling this place home for the time being. We love it and hope to create a lot of memories here. So, this is my life.. If its something you think your interested in reading about then stay tuned. This is just the start 🙂